About School

  • G enerates quality talent and pursuit of excellence in all fields and in life itself
  • R evives and refreshes patriotic, social and ethical values for responsive citizenship.
  • E nsures physical, mental and moral growth of the students and creates in them a zest for learning.
  • E nlarges the mental horizons and broadens the outlook of the students through training in co-operation consideration, team spirit and service
  • N urtures the young hearts for all round development
  • L eads towards excellence in all spheres of life.
  • A ssists them to enjoy their leisure through healthy recreational activities and hobbies as well as correct reading habits fora lifetime of pleasure and joy.
  • N arrates true success for a complete growth
  • D evelops creativity and originality.

Greenland Sr. Sec. Public School Dattaur, Haryana, established in 1997 to cater to the educational needs of the children in the nearby areas of District Rohtak, has now a well designed building with lovely green lawns on an 6 acre campus. In both curricular as well as the co-curricular spheres, the School has won a significant recognition. With "Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day" as its motto, the School provides an excellent platform for each child to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

As we look back with a sense of fulfillment over the years that have been, we look ahead at the years that are to be with a renewed commitment to soar higher and higher towards excellence.

Our school building is fully equipped to provide an all round, wholesome and simulating environment for education.

  • Spacious well-ventilated rooms
  • Computer Lab
  • Generously stocked library
  • Music and Dance rooms
  • Amphitheater
  • Composite play field
  • Art and craft room
  • Lecture hall
  • Activity room
  • Science labs
  • All laboratories are equipped, Wi-Fi connection with all necessary educational amenities.
  • The school has a fleet of comfortable buses to transport students.