President's Message

About Society

The world is going through a rapid transformation. In the last twenty years, the world has been changed dramatically at social, economical, political and educational levels. This rate of changes makes the present and the future very complex and challenging. However, this complexity also brings a multitude of choices and options for the young generations. We just need to make sure that our children are prepared for these options and leverage them in their lives.

If there is one investment that we can make for a sound future of our children, it is good education. However, the scope of education has to be increased to enable a total integrated development at physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual levels. It is also important to understand and use modern technology to enable a faster growth.

Our society has constantly perused this endeavor to create a complete learning environment for our students. It took our team fifteen years of consistent hard work to reach this stage where we are transforming the future of thousands of children. We put in every effort to make sure that your child gets every chance, every day to excel and shine. We measure our success with the achievement of our students, not ours.

Thanking you for your continued faith.

Ravi Kaushik

Jai Narayan Adarsh Education Society